Identity theft is a serious crime and no matter how careful you are, you may still be a victim. Recovery takes time and money to repair the damage to your name, credit, and finances. What would you do if you were a victim of identity theft?

Relax. Farmers of Salem has you covered.

Farmers of Salem's Identity Protection Program provides you peace of mind with reimbursement coverage and comprehensive expert resolution services – at no additional cost to you. The program includes:

  • – $10,000 coverage for expenses incurred due to identity theft, with a $250 deductible per claim
  • – Expert Resolution Assistance gives you immediate, one-on-one access to a highly experienced, fraud resolution specialist

Expert Resolution Assistance, powered by Identity Theft 911®, has two key components to assist you and members of your household in a wide range of identity-compromising situations, from actual identity theft to lost or destroyed documentation:

  • Identity Theft Resolution – For victims of identity theft or those who need assistance handling suspicious activity in their credit files; whatever the crisis, you have unlimited, one-on-one access to a fraud resolution specialist who will handle all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case. Services include complimentary notification of all appropriate agencies, businesses and financial institutions to create a comprehensive case file, as well as one year of free fraud monitoring and credit monitoring for victims of identity theft. Your personal advocate can even place a free fraud alert on your credit file, or assist with credit file freezes, if recommended.

  • Identification Document Recovery – For victims of a natural disaster, flood or home fire who have lost their personal identification, legal or financial documents; includes assistance with emergency authentication, and retrieving, replacing or recreating lost or destroyed identification documents.

For more information concerning this valuable program, click here for details.

Concerned about identity theft?
If you believe your identity has
been compromised, we'll assign a
personal advocate from Identity Theft 911®
who will work with you until the crisis is
resolved. For unlimited, claims-free assis-
tance simply call Farmers Mutual of Salem
at 1-800-498-0954.

Stay alert and educated... by regularly
visiting Farmers Mutual of Salem's identity theft website. There you'll find constant updates on techniques used by identity thieves as well as other resources.